LegalZoom split up ratings 2023: Would It Be really worth $499?

LegalZoom is just one of the oldest on-line appropriate form organizations with a user friendly, modern-day internet site.

Is actually LegalZoom legitimate?

LegalZoom is actually a good and set up on-line legal service, that was certified from the bbb in 2001:

  • A- Better Business Bureau status
  • All attorneys are vetted and “speak ordinary English”
  • Flat-fees just — no real surprise costs
  • 100per cent money-back guarantee
  • LegalZoom promises 4 million customers

Does LegalZoom work with divorce case?

LegalZoom helps individuals experiencing a
uncontested, amicable divorce or separation
for a charge less than if each wife employs an attorney — that may quickly begin at $10,000 per person, and go up after that.

However, for web separation solutions, LegalZoom’s $499 cost is costly, compared with rivals just who supply much the same on-line separation and divorce solutions:

Better Business Bureau standing Real time lawyer consultation services? Cost
LegalZoom A- No, legal overview prices $39-$99/ document, or $71.94/ 6 mo. for prepaid legal services $499 for several reports + submitting directions
3StepDivorce A+ No, but 24/7 cellphone and chat service $299 for several papers + submitting instructions an internet-based storage. Begin for $84.
Rocket Attorney A+ Free 30-min cellphone consult $39/ month after complimentary 7-day trial, or per-document fee of $39

Nevertheless thinking about checking out LegalZoom to suit your divorce or separation? Some tips about what you must know:

How exactly does declaring breakup with LegalZoom work?

  1. Go to and solution a few pre-determined questions to make sure that the separation and divorce is definitely uncontested, and so qualifies for LegalZoom. Some examples are:

    • Labels and location of yourself along with your wife
    • Date and area of relationship
    • Range kids and whether you are expecting
    • Residential properties and debts—and whether you want to divide sometimes equally
  2. Confirm and pay $499 with a credit card or Paypal, creating a LegalZoom profile.
  3. You will then discover the exact processing files you will need to file the splitting up, with filing instructions.

It’s you doing the specific processing inside condition, which might price yet another $200 to $400.

7 circumstances every mommy should inquire about in separation and divorce

LegalZoom’s separation and divorce documents item does not include
name-change types
, even though the site possesses that solution at one more cost.

How long does a LegalZoom divorce or separation take?

A Nolo study learned that normally, divorces in the us simply take 11 months. LegalZoom cannot report the average time for finalizing a divorce for its consumers.

Exactly how much does a LegalZoom separation and divorce cost?

LegalZoom’s web divorce papers service prices a-flat $499, and the submitting costs in your condition, which can cost as much as $400.

You may also pay additional costs for agreement review, or legal services on the cellphone with a LegalZoom attorney, included in the organizations prepaid legal services service which provides limitless, 30-minute phone consultation services, and free of charge review of files doing 10 pages.

For people, the charge is actually:

  • $71.94 / a few months ($11.99/month)
  • $119.98 / 12 months ($9.99/month)

For LegalZoom prepaid plan members, you’ll shell out an extra $39 for report on files of 11-15 pages, or $99 for papers of 16-25 pages.

You must be a plan user to gain access to the document analysis.

LegalZoom breakup reviews

Many bbb ratings for LegalZoom from June 2021:

LegalZoom Divorce options

Study all of our product reviews of
online separation solutions.

Exactly how LegalZoom assists unmarried moms with custody

First, LegalZoom, plus its competitors, supply breakup documents to establish custody, co-parenting, child help along with other child-related breakup matters.

In addition, breakup has actually a large impact on youngsters, particularly in cases with mentally recharged custody battles.

By investing in a low-conflict, Do-it-yourself separation path, without any frustrated attorneys stimulating conflict, there is certainly a significantly greater potential for
effective co-parenting
long-lasting — minimizing potential for trauma for the kids.

Benefits of LegalZoom for split up

  • Developed, dependable web based business.
  • A- Better Business Bureau score.
  • LegalZoom has numerous blogs and articles to their sites to assist you create informed choices. (These are generally absolve to everyone!)
  • For almost all legal matters, online forms and pre-paid legal counsel is a great worth, and LegalZoom is actually a leader inside the on line legal space.
  • Entry to a-deep network of attorneys for a realistic price for document analysis and cellphone guidance.

Disadvantages of LegalZoom for split up

  • LegalZoom’s separation service is much more pricey compared to leading internet based breakup reports solution by $200, for pretty much the same services.

The conclusion: Is LegalZoom worth it for divorce?

LegalZoom is a quality item, but too high priced with no evident advantage.

Other businesses available:—a analysis

Perfect Case review: A good option for separation and divorce reports?

How much cash is a breakup on LegalZoom?

LegalZoom’s on line breakup documents service costs a flat $499, as well as the submitting charges within condition, that may cost up to $400.

Is LegalZoom legitimate?

LegalZoom is actually an excellent and established on-line appropriate solutions, that has been accredited by Better Business Bureau in 2001.

Really does LegalZoom work for divorce or separation?

LegalZoom assists households going through an uncontested, friendly split up for a charge far lower than if each spouse hires a legal professional, however their service is far more pricey than similar solutions.

How might filing for breakup with LegalZoom work?

Start by planning and answer a few pre-determined questions to make sure that the divorce proceedings is indeed uncontested, and as a consequence qualifies for LegalZoom.

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